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13. Dec


Andreas Eduardo Frank: Restore Factory Defaults

Berlin, Heimathafen Neukölln

Progetto Positano: Portraitkonzert Andreas Eduardo Frank mit dem Ensemble Mosaik


Andreas Eduardo Frank: Neues Werk für ensemble (UA)
Ensemble Mosaik, Ltg. Enno Poppe
Andreas Eduardo Frank: Restore Factory Default für Performer, Elektronik, Licht und Video (2017)
Anne-May Krüger, Gesang/Performance
Andreas Eduardo Frank, Sound Design/Video
Mehr Informationen: Ensemble Mosaik
15. Dec


Karlheinz Stockhausen: STIMMUNG

Kürten, Aula der Gesamtschule Kürten

Memorial concert of the Stockhausen-Stiftung Kürten
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)
STIMMUNG (1968) for six vocalists, Paris version
Ensemble SoloVoices
Svea Schildknecht, soprano
Francisca Näf, mezzo-soprano
Jean-Jacques Knutti, tenor
Jean-Christophe Groffe, bass
Anne-May Krüger, mezzo-soprano (guest)
Christian Zehnder, baritone (guest)
28. Jan


Anne-May Krüger und Ensemble neuverBand: Circles

Gare du Nord, Basel

The corpus of modern and contemporary repertoire for solo mezzo-soprano, in comparison to those of the soprano or alto, is strikingly modest in size. Its expressive potential—in a register whose tessitura is so closely related to that of spoken word—has, only in a handful of works, been significantly exploited. Within this modest body of repertoire, one work, Luciano Berio's Circles (composed in 1960, with texts by E.E Cummings), stands apart as a deeply-researched and comprehensive tour-de-force of the mezzo-soprano as an expressive vehicle.

Springing from a long-standing mutual wish between neuverBand and Anne-May Krüger to undertake a collaborative project, and with the objective of making a real contribution to Swiss repertoire for mezzo-soprano & chamber ensemble (of which virtually none exists), our Circles programme will present, alongside Berio's masterwork, the world premieres of new works by prominent representatives of two distinct generations of Swiss composers. Nicolas von Ritter (b. 1986) will compose a work adding string quartet and piano to Berio's unconventional notation, and taking up and developing some of the musical ideas contained within it. Mike Svoboda (b. 1960) will compose a series of miniatures exploring the various modes of interaction between voice and instrument. To complete the programme, neuverBand will present the Swiss premiere of fellow Italian, Stefano Gervasoni's Due Poesie Francesi di Rilke (composed in 1995), a work which explores post-modernist pastiche and musical irony.
-Paul Clift, neuverBand Artistic Director
Luciano Berio: Circles
Mike Svoboda: Piangerò la sorte mia (UA)
Nicholas von Ritter-Zahony: Neues Werk (UA)
Stefano Gervasoni: Due Poesie Francesi di Rilke (SE)
Anne-May Krüger, Mezzosopran
Mike Svoboda, Musikalische Leitung
Ensemble neuverBand
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